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Liverpool 23-24 Home & Away Kit Colors Leaked

Liverpool 23-24 Home & Away Kit Colors Leaked

The colors of the new Liverpool FC 23-24 home and away uniforms were revealed via @FumlerRawk which gives us a glimpse of what to expect one year before when the launch date is announced.

If you weren’t aware the leaker @FumlerRawk released a variety of Liverpool kits’ details, and even images of shirts that were not released in particular in those Warrior and the New Balance timeframes.


Take a look at the colors that Nike’s Liverpool 2023-24 home shirt below.

The Nike Liverpool 2023-2024 home shirt will be predominantly ‘gymnastic red as well as white accents like the logos of sponsors.
It is likely it will likely be white as the colour that will be used for logos on the shirt.


Take a look at the colors of Nike’s Liverpool 23-24 away shirt here.

This Nike Liverpool 2023-24 away shirt will feature white in combination with green spark. The logos appear on the Nike Liverpool 2023-2024 away shirt will be black in this instance.

Unfortunately, there is no information on the exact design of Liverpool FC’s brand new 2023-2024 away and home uniforms is available at present however, we will keep you updated with additional information as it becomes known to us.

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