Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: three problems facing Carlo Ancelotti and company after El Clasico defeat

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: three problems facing Carlo Ancelotti and company after El Clasico defeat

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: three problems facing Carlo Ancelotti and company after El Clasico defeat
Real Madrid vs. Barcelona:

The team was left without a shot at goal in the opening part in the Copa Del Rey semifinal defeat to rivals Barcelona There is something that feels out of place around Real Madrid. Los Blancos, who were lost 1-0, are one season away of being the winners of La Liga and the Champions League. In soccer, a season is all will be needed to make a alter, particularly when players like Casemiro are leaving the club.

After the excitement of coming back to Liverpool during the Champions League, Real Madrid played and lost to 10 men Atletico Madrid side before now losing in the final to Barcelona on home turf, making it appear as if the Liverpool game was actually concealing Real Madrid’s problems instead of indicating that the club is in the position they’d like to be. A month and a half after the loss against Mallorca, Real Madrid have been a weakened team, but what are the problems plaguing Real Madrid?

These are the three most important concerns:

Eduardo Camavinga isn’t cutting it in the middle.

When Camavinga was hired at the age of 18 by Real Madrid from Rennes, Camavinga was among many of the top young talent across the world. A central midfielder who can be developed into defensive midfielder, or box-to-box player and has had the opportunity to learn from players like Casemiro, Luka Modric, and Toni Kroos. It’s not much more than this. However, in the last year when Carlo Ancelotti has needed Camavinga to perform in his performance, he has failed in crucial moments of games.

In the case of Barcelona’s only goal the ball was misplaced by Camavinga which led to Franck Kessie’s strike which was saved by Militao and Camavinga dropping the ball to start an offensive counter has become an all-too-common event at Real Madrid. He’s been excellent at defense, in which his speed and ability to control the ball have been instrumental in keeping Real Madrid balanced but when Ancelotti requires midfielders, Camavinga hasn’t been able to the occasion and excel at the midfield. His experience could assist him in this, but similar to Luka Jovic’s transfer to Fiorentina the clock is always ticking for anyone in Madrid.

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Sometimes, Vinicius Jr. may be one-dimensional

Barcelona’s plan of attack was successful as they didn’t have to be concerned about Real Madrid attacking them through the middle of the field. If Karim the Benzema was able to drop deep to catch the ball, there was no one was in the middle to be able to spot him thanks to his superb passing. Viniciu Jr. is someone who is a player to watch in the event that teams decide to move forward however because of Barcelona being seated deep to prevent things from happening their own half it was not a game that featured the signature Vini Jr. run into space to scare opponents. Instead, he was spending the majority of the game in the wing and was unable to impact the game.

In the six crosses he lobbed into the box but only two of them were successful and he managed to only take one shot that was not exactly on target. At his best, Vini Jr. can be among the most powerful players on the planet, however, to sustain Real Madrid, especially when Benzema has to put down his shoes, consistency has to be built into his game. In the victory over Liverpool, Vini Jr. demonstrated his potential by scoring two goals as well as an assist, but Madrid requires him when they play bigger games in order to secure an important trophy this season. They won it from him last year, in the Champions League final, but they’ll require more to improve their performance during this year’s Copa del Rey.

The depth of the issue is now becoming an issue of major concern

There was a time where Real Madrid were one of the most talented teams in the world , however it’s not the case this year. Even though they’re still splashing out cash it isn’t right to label this season’s version of the team “Galacticos” since only 13 players have played over 1000 minutes in league. It’s as if Ancelotti does not trust his players in depth and a large part of it is due to his fitness level Eden Hazard. This season Hazard Belgian was given a few minutes to test whether the player could play with a false 9 Benzema had an injury. He wasn’t able to. He’s now out of the rotation , and the team is incredibly thin on the front.

In the present, Ancelotti has turned to young players such as 18-year-old Alvaro Munoz – with the goal that equalized at the expense of Atletico Madrid since they have the motivation to continue pushing during these games. However, with the team containing players such as Lucas Vazquez and Hazard, when they aren’t relied upon, Ancelotti is managing with the hand that is tied to his back.

All of this is to say that it’s a big surprise should Real Madrid win a major trophy this season. As a team that is in transition, with rumors about the departure of coach Ancelotti to run Brazil and Brazil, they may only be able to claim an appearance at the Club World Cup to show during the season. There’s certainly an opportunity to improve things however, that time is fast closing in as matches continue to get more difficult.

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