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Arsenal 2023/24 home, away and third kit leaked: What we know so far about new Adidas jerseys

Arsenal 2023/24 home, away and third kit leaked: What we know so far about new Adidas jerseys

Although important of the focus understandably remains on the current crusade, the study of Arsenal wearing a beautiful new collection of Adidas accoutrements in the titleholders League coming season is quite an instigative bone.

With the Gunners presently sitting at the top of the Premier League table with 15 games remaining and three stunning accoutrements in the workshop, it’s a script that’s set on getting a reality in just a many months’ time.

Arsenal reunited with Adidas back in 2019 after 25 times piecemeal, which saw the club break its record tackle deals thanks to the fashionability of the designs. The successful reunion has seen the cooperation extended with the German sports manufacturer up until 2030, which will’ continue to inspire and engage sympathisers around the world.’

It’s safe to say that Adidas have set high prospects for unborn tackle releases, erecting plenitude of excitement for what they’ve in store next. Well, thanks to Footy Captions, we now have an idea. That is because several details on Arsenal’s 2023/24 home, down and third accoutrements have been blurted by the point, has decided to take a look at what we know about each one so far.

The Arsenal2023/24 home shirt will bring back rudiments of the2005/06 Highbury tackle by featuring both gold ensigns and gold trim. The streamlined Adidas totem will also feature on the tackle, as it’ll on the down and third.
Footy Captions say that the main colour used for the new home tackle is called’ More Scarlet’, which is slightly darker than Arsenal’s current’ Scarlet’ tackle for this season. The’ Better Scarlet’ will be joined by gold and white to round off the tackle’s colour scheme.

Arsenal 2023/24 home, away and third kit leaked: What we know so far about new Adidas jerseys


Arsenal down tackle

 The Arsenal2023/24 down shirt will combine a fluorescent unheroic base colour, with black used for ensigns and operations.

Footy Captions state that it isn’t presently known if the down tackle will use the cannon or a recoloured interpretation of the regular club crest. still, considering the cannon has featured on the down strip for the former two seasons, that appears the likelier option.

The fluorescent unheroic draws comparisons to last season’s down tackle, but the colour of the forthcoming interpretation is said to be vastly brighter than the former bone
. Nothing is known about the design of the down tackle at this stage.

The2023/24 down shirt is also set to be made available in the summer.

 Arsenal third tackle

Details about the Arsenal2023/24 third tackle are yet to crop , but we do know that a sponsorless interpretation of the shirt will be available to the public.

While guarantors will still be worn by the players during matches, a guarantor-free third shirt volition will be on trade for sympathizers alongside the original interpretation, Footy Captions reports.

The sponsorless interpretation is believed to be part of Adidas ’ Lifestyler range, which is described as’ swish particulars that fit more into the fashion order rather than sport.’ The Gunners formerly have a number of Lifestyler particulars on trade, including sweatshirts, jackets and tracksuit bottoms.

The2023/24 Lifestyler third shirt will launch in August this time. 

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