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Nike prepare major Chelsea kit change in 2023/24 leak ahead of money-spinning deal

Chelsea kit changes in 2023/24

Nike are preparing a major Chelsea kit changes in 2023/24 leak ahead the deal to spin money

Nike prepare major Chelsea kit change in 2023/24 leak ahead of money-spinning deal
Nike prepare major Chelsea kit change in 2023/24 leak ahead of money-spinning deal

Chelsea information: “Leaks” of the three kits for next season have been thrown out as fans are preparing for changes in style

The leaked versions of all three Chelsea kits for the coming season have been revealed as attention is turning to the aesthetic and design potential of the 2023/24 edition.

It’s typically at this time of the season when images of prototype kits, and sometimes real-life versions appear as well. This year, there is a new interest in the new designs for Chelsea but it is being unsure of who the main sponsors of the shirt will be. the brand of mobile phones 3 appearing on the front of the shirt.

The fact that this is the case has caused some controversy with fans making predictions and guessing which jersey will appear on the front of the jersey for next season when they design concept pictures that they have created of themselves. Here there are some proven leaks to play with.

Chelsea have applied the gold effect on a number of kits over the years. The most notable was when they wore an opulent centenary shirt in 2005/06 and were champions for the second time in 2005/06 which added a glimmer in the kit. In 2012/13, they celebrated having won their first Champions League with similar golden outline.

In 2020, Chelsea had a cup match in honor of their 70th FA Cup final win against Leeds that featured a gold trim.

Nike replaced Adidas the Chelsea shirt producer in the year 2017 under a huge 15-year deal that was which was worth PS60m annually in what was described by Chelsea as an “incredibly significant and exciting deal.”

The American sportswear manufacturer is planning a major shift in the look of its away shirts, however. The prototype kits are quite a mix of this season’s blue and white designs. The picture has the zig-zag pattern across the chest, with the dark blue and black pattern, it’s like Inter Milan.

It brings back memories of last season’s amazing mixed pattern. The third version is more earthy by using a simple green hue. It’s the same as the golden version of this season but with a mint-green base color as well as black trimming.

Fans will also be excitedly waiting for the major shirt sponsor, which is expected to be a major source of income , having lost PS20m per year from the sleeve sponsors WhaleFin. The time for kits and concept shirts is approaching this is sure to generate excitement.

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