Bayern Munich 23-24 Away Kit Leaked – 9 New Pictures

Update: Many more pictures of the FC Bayern Munich 23-24 away kit has been leaked by Twitter accounts @ityty23 as well as the @jerseyreview Twitter accounts. The team should show off all the features of the jersey, which includes the one-of-a-kind Mia San Mia globe logo on the collar.

Bayern München 23-24 Away Kit

Bayern Munich’s brand new 2023-24 away kit has naturally been made in the company of Adidas and will debut for the following Bundesliga season.


Bayern München Away Kit

The image below shows the brand new Adidas FC Bayern away soccer shirt that will be available in 2023-24.

The Adidas Bayern Munchen 23-24 away jersey features a distinctive color combination that is unique to the Bavarian club. It combines the black color of the base with purple and green.

Bayern has never worn the green, black, or purple kit throughout its history.

Bayern München 23-24 Away Kit Leaked

The Three Stripes are purple, and the logos on the front of the stripe are bright green. The numbers and the names are both purple.

Bayern München 23-24 Away Kit Leaked

The modern design with green and purple, comprised of classic diamonds in the club, rounds off the trendy style.

Inside the collar, you will find an interpretation of the futuristic Mia San Mia phrase featuring a globe in the background.

The Adidas FC Bayern Munchen 23-24 away kit will be available starting in July 2023.

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