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Corinthians 23-24 Home & Away Kits Released – First Nike 23-24 Launch

The Nike Corinthians 23-24 home and away kits have been unveiled today. Created with the help of Nike, the brand new Sports Club Corinthians Paulista home and away kits pay tribute to the “Democracia Corinthians” movement led by the legend Socrates Casagrande, Wladimir, and Zenon as well as others.

The Corinthians’ Democracy (Portuguese: Democracia Corinthians) was a political movement in football that was ideological during the 1980s’ early days in Brazil and arose from the Sports Club Corinthians Paulista team. In addition, it introduced a new method of managing a club that was admired by Brazil as being among the biggest actions taken in the fight against a dictatorship. In the early days, it was an attempt to challenge the military regime.

Socrates has been the largest and most well-known person in the Democracia Corinthiana movement. In the Mexico 1986 World Cup, he wore the headband he made from a sock belonging to a teammate with a simple text: “Mexico Sigue En Pie” -“Mexico Still Stands. “Mexico Still Stands.”. Socrates passed away in the year 2011.

CORINTHIANS 23-24 HOME KIT Nike Corinthians 2023-2024 jersey is a simple and contemporary design, influenced by the sleek designs of the kits from the 1980s.

The Nike Corinthians 2023-2024 home football shirt sports a red/black Swoosh that is inspired by the colors that are associated with the Democracia Corinthians movement. On the back of the collar is a label that features an image of the Corinthian Democracy logo.


This Nike SC Corinthians 2023-24 away jersey is black and features traditional pinstripes.
As with the home kit the brand new Corinthians 23-24 away jersey features red accents to the Swoosh as well as the Democracy Corinthians logo on the side of the collar.

Made by Nike. What do you think of the Corinthians Paulista Sports Club’s home and away shirt? Let us know in the comments below.

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