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Exclusive: FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Logo to Feature Hidden Diamond + Stripes With Diamond Pattern

Exclusive: FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Logo to Feature Hidden Diamond + Stripes With Diamond Pattern

The FC Barcelona home kit for the 2023-2024 season will pay tribute to the club’s extremely successful women’s squad, but we could leak.

FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit to Pay Homage to Women’s Team With Diamond Elements

Exclusive: FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Logo to Feature Hidden Diamond + Stripes With Diamond Pattern

The brand new Barcelona 23-24 kit for a home will feature at least two distinctive diamonds to honor the women’s team FC Barcelona Femenina, and their long journey to become an integral team.

At the present, FC Barcelona Femeni is the women’s soccer team of FC Barcelona and one of the most popular and successful soccer clubs for women around the globe. However, this was not always the case.

The team was established in 1970, under the name Club Femeni Barcelona, and it wasn’t until 2002 that it was incorporated into FC Barcelona as their official women’s soccer team.

It took 30 years for the women’s team to be an official part of FC BARCELONA Prior to becoming the official club of FC Barcelona the women’s squad played under various names and affiliations. One of them was Pena Barcelonista Barcilona. Pena Barcelonista Barcelona was a supporters club of FC Barcelona that formed a women’s squad in 1970. They played home games at the Camp de la Industria which is a stadium situated inside the Sants neighborhood in Barcelona.

In 1971 the girls attended a notary to formalize their Constitution 1971. They were referred to as Pena Femenina Barcelonista (PFB). They incorporated the club with their own emblem, which was a fusion of that from Futbol Club Barcelona and the shield of Barca Atletic with a diamond aspect.

1. FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Crest to Feature Hidden Diamond

The most distinctive characteristic in this FC Barcelona 23-24 home kit is the Crest. It is adorned with a concealed sparkling diamond design.

Images leaked from the Barcelona 23-24 Training shirt have revealed the diamond-shaped Crest.

2. FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit to Have Classic Stripes With Diamond Pattern

Another unique aspect that is unique to this Barcelona 23-24 team kit can be seen on the strips. It is said that the “classic stripes of the kit have a diamond pattern along the edges, adding another subtle nod to the women’s team”.

The DIAMOND PATTERN for the stripes will be SUBTLE. The exact design that the stripes will have in their diamond is not yet known however, the appearance is evident on the leaked lifestyle shorts.

FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit – Original Prediction

The Nike FC Barcelona 2023-2024 home jersey is a return to the club’s classic jersey design that was launched in 1912 and continued to be worn mostly in a similar fashion up to the 1990s. This Nike FC Barcelona 23-24 home jersey has three stripes across the front.

comment For The FC Barcelona 23-24 home kit will be released in May/June 2023.


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