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The Shirt That Never Was: Outrageous Adidas Nigeria 1994 Prototype Kit

A stunning Nigeria design prototype of a shirt was discovered by the Twitter account footballkitpod We decided to do some research to learn more details about it.


The Shirt That Never Was: Outrageous Adidas Nigeria 1994 Prototype Kit

The USA 94 World Cup had numerous fantastic kits and Nigeria’s was one of the most attractive. Employing tribal patterns the team’s home shirt was mostly green but had a white semicircular part of the collar that contained tribal designs in green and black The whole design was a homage to traditional styles of clothing. The pattern is repeated across the collar, and the collar featured some patterns that was unique to it.

It could have been completely different because Adidas has come up with an alternative jersey for their home team, the Super Eagles, one that was certainly more extravagant. Utilizing a similar design, however, the design was more subtle in its green hue and washed black. The tribal elements were expanded and were colored orange. The pattern was also used to cover all of the sleeves, not only the cuffs and the shorts, which could likely have landed Nigeria the award for the loudest complete kit in the competition.

It is clear that this particular kit was created by Adidas designers since it appeared in a catalog in 1994 but there may be a few slightly different designs made. One of them has the green triangles of the collar’s final design and sports a white crest and another (which was manufactured in Argentina) featured the more basic collar, as well as the black Nigeria badge. Both are definitely uncommon today.

Do you have a view about what you think of this Nigeria prototype kit by Adidas? Do you think you think that the Nigerian FA has the best choice in selecting the version with a tamer design that was worn during the 1994 World Cup? Let us know in the comments below.

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