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Celtic 23-24 Away Kit Leaked?

update: We are able to trace the source of the supposed Adidas Celtic 2023-24 home kit and appears to be a good sign that it’s not authentic. The jersey is referred to as ” Adult Uniform 2023-2024 Celtic Concept Edition Soccer Jersey” It is a clue that is a strong indication that it’s an imaginary concept.

An alleged Celtic 2023-2024 Home Kit is likely a fake

“Kai Er Te Ren Gai Nian Ban Cheng Re ” is a translation of the “Celtic conceptual version of adult”.17 April 2023 Celtic 23-24 Home Kit leaked?

A photo of the Celtic next 2023-24 kit for away games is making the rounds on social media. Are they authentic?


Take a look at Adidas’ Celtic Football Club 2023-24 away football shirt here.

The possibility of the Adidas Celtic 2023-2024 jersey is a striking look that is similar to the style that is the jersey for home. It’s predominantly black mixed with green hoops with white and green logos.

The hoops in the green of the Adidas Celtic FC 2023-24 away shirts feature a tartan design that gives them an extravagant appearance.We’re not able to determine whether it is the style of the Adidas Celtic FC 2023-24 away t-shirt is authentic. The odds of it being real are approximately 30%. Nobody has been able to recognize it as fake, which raises the chance that it’s genuine.

Celtic 22-23 Home Kit

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