The Full 25 Year History of the Nike Mercurial

The Full 25 Year History of the Nike Mercurial

Nike has just released their 25th-anniversary versions of the Mercurials along with Capo Football have created a stunning illustration of the evolution of the boot since its beginning.


The special Mercurial 25th anniversary boots launched by Nike this week commemorate 25 years of one of the more well-known boot silos of any brand. The Mercurial has seen many modifications over this time, and the special editions are the 18th version of the Mercurial since its launch in 1998. Korean retailer Capo Football created the amazing graphic that appears at the top of this post which gives a thorough overview of the design modifications between the models to the following. You can see it in greater depth in the following three images.

Every person has their own view about the Mercurials being the most successful. From Footy Headlines’ point of view, the initial five editions were extremely solid, especially in the 2003 and 2002 editions which included Ronaldo, Adriano and Thierry Henry definitely playing a role in the way the Vapors are in the minds of football fans from the time.

The styles from 2008 to 2016 did not have the similar appeal of the previous ones, due mainly to the Swoosh’s size and move to the forefoot and also the rather bulky cover for lace which was in place at the start of that time. After 2018, However, Nike hit their stride again and released many interesting colorways as well as textures and designs. Check out our selection of the most appealing Mercurials below.

Are you a fan of one of Nike Mercurials? Which model from the last 25 years has been your favorite? Tell us via the comment section.

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