Gremio 2023-24 120-Years Anniversary Home & Away Kits Released
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Gremio 2023-24 120-Years Anniversary Home & Away Kits Released

A few weeks after the release of the kit for home was released, the brand new Gremio home kit for 2023 was announced today, as per previous leaks. It was created by Umbro the brand new Gremio away and home kit will go on display at the Brasileirao.


It’s the Gremio 2023 Home shirt manufactured by Umbro.

This Umbro Gremio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense 2023 home jersey features Gremio’s signature stripes of the black and blue and white border in a traditional style. White piping runs along each sleeve starting from the neckline to the cuffs.

Gremio’s home kit for 2023-2024 contains a number of details regarding that 120th-year anniversary.

A number of details commemorate the anniversary of 120 years. The famous phrase “120 years of glory you have, Immortal Tricolor. The deeds of your history tell Rio Grande with love (120 anos de Gloria tens Imortal Tricolor. Os feitos da tua historia conta o Rio Grande com amore”) is featured in a modified version near the club’s anniversary on a label that is engraved inside the collar. It was composed by Lupicinio Rodriguez, the composer of Gremio’s fable. national anthem.

On the left, an additional seal displays the club’s first logo, and the years 1903-2023 which represent the 120th anniversary, which that was commemorated on the 15th of September.

The sleeves’ tops are plain black while those underarm panels have blue in color. In the shorts, the Gremio football Porto Alegrense Foot-Ball 2023 kit for the home is black.


It’s the Gremio off-season shirt for 2023 manufactured by Umbro.

It’s Umbro Gremio 2023 away jersey also pays tribute to the club’s 120th anniversary. The brand new Gremio away kit comes with the white color as its base, which is then complemented by “Havana”, a kind of brown, to create the logos.

The first Tricolor kit in its history was striped horizontally in the sky blue color in the color “Havana”.

The interior of the collar as well as the lower left part are decorated with badges that celebrate the club’s milestone anniversary of 120 years. On the back the number will be blue with sky-blue edges and the first crest is expected to be placed next to the one currently in use.

The brand new Gremio 2023-2024 kit for home is on sale since April 12, 2023. The away kit launched on April 25, 2023.

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