Counterfeit: Manchester United 23-24 Home Kit "Leaked"
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Counterfeit: Manchester United 23-24 Home Kit “Leaked”

The latest update: A video and photos of the claimed Manchester United 2023-2024 home kit have been circulating on websites and social networks again. But, it’s not the actual kit however, it is based on the mock-up that was made in December 2022.

Video Claiming to Show Manchester United 23-24 Home Kit Is Counterfeit Based on December 2022 Mock-Up

We were also capable of revealing we believe that the Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 Home kits will likely feature the same v-collar that is seen on numerous Adidas 2022 World Cup kits and the AS Roma 23-24 home kit. Our most recent prediction is more precise than the mock-up of December 2022.

Manchester United 23-24 Home Kit to Have “V-Collar” – Same as Various 2022 World Cup Kits

Images purporting to show the brand new Manchester United 2023-2024 home kit are being circulated online and we’re able to prove that they are not authentic even though they don’t appear like a kit on first inspection.


The photos showcase a white, red, and black pattern for Manchester United. Although the shirt looks authentic at first sight, they depict a design that was created by a user-designed by our fan Oscar K in December 2022. The designer used color leaks as well as Adidas 2022 World Cup templates to come to the idea.

The other thing that could be incorrect in the fake version is the genuine Adidas logo at the bottom right. The real Adidas 2023-2024 kits are likely to feature 23/24 letters, which can be seen from those Adidas soccer jerseys of 2023.

While recent information we received indicated it was possible that this new design may include logos that were centered, however, we have now been informed that this will not be the scenario. The only thing specific about the latest design is the combination of colors: white, red, and black.

Manchester United’s 23-24 HOME KITCHEN isn’t going to feature CENTERED LOGOS in the end, so stay in the loop for updates regarding the Manchester United 2023-2024 home kit and we’re hoping to have a sneak peek at the design in the near future.

Would you like this kit to be it was the Adidas Manchester United home shirt?

Tell us via the comment section below and check out the overview of 23-24 kits for the complete 23-24 kit details..


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