Fluminense 23-24 Home Kit Released
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Fluminense 23-24 Home Kit Released

 Update: This new Fluminense 2023-2024 kit for homes is now available for purchase at a price of BRL 349.90 (70 dollars). We have added official photos of the product that give a more detailed glimpse of the kit.

The leaks are confirmed, and the brand new Fluminense 2023-2024 home shirt has been unveiled today. It is produced by Umbro as well and will appear in 2023’s Brasileirao.

The brand new “tricolor” Fluminense football kit is a continuation of the legacy of the two-time champions in Rio de Janeiro and includes Marcelo, German Cano, and Gislaine, a defender Gislaine of the women’s team. They are among the stars in the official launch.


The shirt is this shirt. Fluminense FC 23-24 home football shirt, designed by Umbro.

Its Umbro Fluminense FC 23-24 home jersey is quite similar to the rest of the club’s home jerseys. Burgundy as well as green stripes, with a white border are swathed across the chest and then follow the raglan cut of the sleeves.

Comparatively to the 2022 version, the vertical stripes are more pronounced and thicker. The neck collar is round and the cuffs are also white and have the addition of a tiny red area at the back of the collar.

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Copa Rio won by Fluminense two labels were designed by The English brand. One is located on the side of the shirt, and one is within of the collar. One has the shape of the cup that was raised in 1952 in gold, and next to the year that was historic, while the other bears the wording “World Champion” in prominence.

Women’s Version

The home kit of Tricolor das Laranjeiras is completed with white shorts and socks.

Made by Umbro. What’s your opinion on the home kits of Fluminense FC? Leave a comment below.


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