Have Bayern München Tricked Fans With Mainly White Home Kit?
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Have Bayern München Tricked Fans With Mainly White Home Kit?

Bayern Munich, the German football club, has revealed their new home kit 23-24 this week. It features the club’s iconic colors of white and red, however, it is different from the norm the majority of it is white, with red as an accent color. Do you think this is a violation of the fans and club’s agreement?


In 2018, following weeks of protests from fans, Bayern announced that their “kits are going to be red and white only in future”. The 2023-24 kit currently includes these colors, however with a distinct order. white is the predominant color.

A red and white kit is not a new thing to Bayern Munich but deeply connected to their past. They had a white shirt with sleeves of maroon when they were awarded the first German League title, in 1932. Later, they had a similar outfit in 1965, when they won the promotion to the 1. Bundesliga.

SOUTH American teams are subject to a variety of STRICTER KIT rules. It’s likely that the fans had originally hoped for the predominantly red kit, with white accents, in the year 2018, due to their protests. However, it appears most of the fans are not opposed to the largely white kit, since there have been no further protests.

In fact, the protests by fans focused on the navy components of the Bayern home kit of 2018-2019, particularly those navy shorts. This isn’t going to happen again. In the 2023-24 season, Bayern teamed up their white and red kit with red socks and shorts. In reality, there are much more stringent kit regulations in different parts of the globe, but mainly within South America. For instance Sao Paulo in Brazil. Brazilian team Sao Paulo has kit regulations that require not just colors, but as well how wide stripes as well as other elements.

Bayern Kits Allowed By Kit Rules

Due to some loose guidelines, Bayern can not only possess a predominantly white home kit but also have a vertical striped kit as well a hooped kit, as well as “an Ajax” kit.

Contrary to the tradition of having white and red-only kits? Do you have a view about Bayern using a predominantly white kit for home? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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