Adidas Create Modified Juventus Kit to Align with UEFA Regulations
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Adidas Create Modified Juventus Kit to Align with UEFA Regulations

Adidas needed to take action to ensure Juventus 2022-23’s third jersey is in line with UEFA rules. This was discovered by our Italian following Giovanni.


In Thursday night’s game away from Sevilla There were two significant changes made to the third pink jersey of the team. Apart from adding a space at the back of the jersey to accommodate players’ numbers and the overall design has seen an overhaul. The texture is now centered to create a more uniform appearance.

It is certain it was put in place to secure the holy number zone of UEFA and the central pattern could not have been done for UEFA reasons. In the end, Adidas designed 100% customized jerseys without having the same pattern applied to the kit however, they created a unique image for each kit that was precisely placed in the middle.

It is also nice that the open space on the back of the design does not remove the design but preserves it in its entirety.
It is the UEFA model of Adidas the Juventus 22-23 3rd kit will not be available for purchase but players can only purchase it.

Did you observe that Juventus kit was a little altered in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday night? Tell us about it via the comment section below.

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