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Confirmed: Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit Leaked

 Update: Beth Mead and Gio Queiroz from the Arsenal Women’s team inadvertently confirmed the brand new Arsenal 23-24 kit for the home team via the Instagram story. The kit is scheduled to launch on the 26th of May 2023. It will also be released this weekend.

On Saturday, Arsenal Women will showcase the new jersey on the playing field in their game with Aston Villa at Meadow Park scheduled for 2:30 pm BST. On the following day, the Arsenal men’s team will sport the new shirt in their match against Wolves at Emirates Stadium, which starts at 4:30 pm BST.

Update: A picture of the launch from the Arsenal 2023-2024 home kit has been released as well as seen on the market via Elon Muskandi ( @KeithTopGahead ). New launch dates have been set. Friday, May 26th, 2023 According to @ACL_Soccer. A new and interesting aspect from the kits has been revealed – the stripe’s side is showing the records from the legendary “Invincibles” series from 2003-2004.

Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit, Launch Photo

Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit The Side Stripe Invincible Season Details

Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit Listed for Sale Replica Version

Version 1.0: We can leak the greatest photos from the Arsenal 23-24 home kit as of now. Thanks to NHV.

update: We can leak actually the officially released Arsenal 23-24 kit for the home. The pattern (same as that of Germany 2022’s official home) and colors are in line with the information leaked. The collar has an elegant zap lines pattern and a gold Zap on the collar’s back.


The Adidas Arsenal 2023-24 home shirt is a return to an element from one fan’s favorite kits Gold logos, which is like those of 2005 and 2006. Highbury house kit.

APART FROM THE GOLD The KIT will be very different from the 2005-2006 HIGHBURY KITIn Contrasting to the jersey of the 2005-2006 campaign, the Adidas Football Club of the Arsenal 2023-24 jersey features white sleeves and is a more traditional red shade. This is more typical for the club and distinct from the shirt of more than 20 years ago.

A delicate zap pattern as well as the gold zap feature at the back, under the collar complete the appearance of the Arsenal 23-24 jersey.

The red hue that is the primary shade that is featured in the Arsenal 23-24 home kit is known as “Better Scarlet”. It’s a little more intense than the red that was used in previous seasons.

Arsenal 22-23 against 23-24 Main Color

Arsenal 2005-06 “Highbury” Home Kit

Do you like the fact that do you like that the Arsenal 23-24 team uniforms will sport the logo in gold with metallic accents? Let us know in the comments below, and take a look at the 23-24 kit Overview for the complete list of Premier League kit leaks.

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