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Exclusive: Futuristic Chelsea 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit Leaked

The update: We can leak the first official images of the Nike Chelsea 2023-2024 goalkeeper home kit. The Chelsea 23-24 keeper kit is expected to be unveiled alongside the brand new kit for home but not until July 2023. the contract between Chelsea and the mobile phone business Three expires on June 30, 2023. Chelsea does not have a main sponsor for the 23-24 season as of yet and the Nike 2023-2024 jerseys are likely to be released and sold without a primary sponsor. It is possible that the jerseys could be launched without a main sponsor.

The forthcoming Chelsea goalkeeper’s jersey. It’s made by Nike and will be worn during 2023-2024 in the Premier League.

Chelsea is not a major sponsor at the moment since The contract they signed with Three expires following the conclusion of the 2022-23 season, and will not be renewed.


Find Nike’s Chelsea FC 23-24 goalkeeper jersey below.
The Nike Chelsea Football Club 23-24 goalkeeper shirt The stunning style is available with a stunning look in various shades of gray and anthracite as well as shimmering iridescent logos.

The logos will appear different from all angles due because of the metal material. In terms of style, it’s the same as other Nike goalkeeper shirts. Nike Chelsea’s 23-24 goalkeeper’s jersey is similar to any other Nike’s 23-24 Elite Team goalkeeper shirt.

This Nike Chelsea 23-24 goalkeeper jersey will not be sold until the end of July 2023. Created by Nike. What do you think of Chelsea Football Club’s goalkeeper’s shirt? Let us know in the comments below.

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