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Manchester United 23-24 Away & Third Kits Leaked?

In a shocking development to Manchester United fans worldwide, the three kits were reportedly leaked within the space of 24 hours.


A blurry image provides a glimpse of the much-anticipated Adidas Manchester United 23-24 away kit and the third. We aren’t able to confirm the leak at this time however, it’s most likely to be authentic.
The colors of the images Are offThe hues that are used in the Manchester United 2023-2024 away and third kit leaks are probably slightly off. The away is believed to be a dark green primary hue (and the away isn’t a dark black color) and the third kit should feature logos in red (and not black like it appears in the blurry photo).

Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 Home Kit

Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 Away Kit

The leaked image shows that this Manchester United away kit for the coming season will sport an appealing style. It is predominantly black and has fashionable white stripes which provide a touch of class to the overall appearance.

To complement it with Manchester United 2023-2024 away shirt The black socks and shorts are decorated with white details, resulting in an eye-catching and cohesive outfit.

Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 Third Kit

The leaked image of the Manchester United third jersey for 2023-24 shows the majority of white and red highlights. It is interesting to note that the typical team crest has been replaced by the red devil symbol of the iconic Man Utd crest, which adds interest and a sense of wonder to the jersey. Manchester United will officially announce the three new kits on the 27th, as per the Twitter account @utdscope.

Are you impressed by the possible appearance that is likely to be those Manchester United 2023-2024 away and third kits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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