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All-New, Impressive Nike 24-25 Template Leaked – FC Barcelona 2024 Training Kit Leaked

The brand new FC Barcelona training jersey was released by the legendary Insider Gol De Sergio/Ofoball. Nike creates its Barcelona 2024 training shirt, which will be available from January 2024 to the second part of the 2023-24 season.


This is the brand new Nike FC Barcelona training shirt for 2024. The Nike Barcelona 2024 training jersey It has a chic look. It’s mostly maroon with gold logos as well as gold and blue application.

Nike Old 23-24 in comparison to New Template 24-25

What’s even more intriguing than the design and color that is featured on the Nike FC Barcelona 2024 training football shirt is the pattern that provides the first glimpse at the more streamlined Nike design for the 2024-25 football season and the 2024 national team’s shirts.

A REVAMPED CUT and a plethora of distinct panels contribute to an overall stunning look. The latest Nike 2024 kit template boasts more details than the previous models. Alongside a brand new Nike Vaporknit pattern this jersey has a new cut, as well as distinct panels that contribute to a fresher overall appearance. The most notable feature is the brand new sleeves panel, which runs from the collar all the way to the end of the sleeves.

In fact, the sleeve’s panel is reminiscent of the Adidas 2024 national jersey design.
The Nike FC Barcelona 2024 training jersey will be available beginning January 2024.

The design was created by Nike. What do you think of FC Barcelona’s training shirt and Nike’s brand-new design? Leave a comment below.

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