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Explained: How Real Madrid can afford to buy Kylian Mbappe and Jude Bellingham in the same transfer window

Real Madrid’s savings accumulation as well as a lower cost of wages, and staggered contract mean Jude Bellingham and Kylian Mbappe could be signed in this transfer window.

  • The huge expense of this transfer window
  • Club has earned money in recent years.
  • Recent departures from the spotlight have led to an increase in the possibility of a wage increase


The report of Real Madrid are willing to offer a staggering EUR200 million for PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe has created the possibility of his becoming a part of Jude Bellingham in the Spanish capital more likely. Many football fans have been asking what exactly these La Liga giants manage to afford both players in the same timeframe.


The larger picture Real Madrid’s infamous Net worth, which is EUR500 million, built up through years of savings, in the words of Revelo, is a crucial element. The departures of famous players with high earnings such as Karim the Benzema family, Eden Hazard, and Marco Asensio this summer have also made room to pay Madrid’s salary. In addition, the astronomical amount of transfer costs throughout the duration of contracts such as Jude Bellingham’s EUR100m transfer is split over the five years of his contract making the weight of huge transfer fees such as those less significant.

and WHAT’S MORE: On top of the distribution of transfer fees over long contracts and the significant departure of top-paid seniors, it’s vital to consider the Bernabeu aspect. When the new Real Madrid stadium is completed it will be the main source of revenue and profit for Real Madrid, an “income-generating device” as per Revelo. So, spending a lot for Bellingham and Mbappe as soon as there’s a chance to do so is a decision worth it, given the amount of success they’re likely to bring to the club in the next few years, and the money that’s being pumped into other areas.


The club has lost the trophy against Barcelona, Real Madrid will be optimistic about the fact that two talented youngsters with the names of Bellingham Mbappe and Bellingham Mbappe will leave them more prepared to be successful in La Liga next season. Ancelotti’s future as a player at Real Madrid was recently confirmed which is a huge positive for a team that needs an overhaul under the direction of a veteran campaigner.

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