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Next-Gen Adidas X Crazyfast 23-24 Boots Leaked

Version 1.0: We can leak the pack’s name, launch date, and official images of the next generation Adidas X Crazyfast football boots. They’re an element of the new Crazyrush 23-24 Season Pack, to be released on the 4th of July on Tuesday, 2023.

It is interesting to note that the new-generation Adidas X Crazyfast has already been shown on the billboard at the Workers Stadium in Bejing ahead of the friendly match between Argentina and. Australia (China-exclusive AG version). Thank you for Ericwang7621 for the spot that was great. Messi put on his latest-generation Adidas X Speedportal Heatspawn in the game after having already been training in the new-gen Adidas Superspeed football boots a few weeks ago.


The brand new Adidas Football boots X Crazyfast sport an aesthetic that focuses on speed. One of the most interesting things about this pair of Adidas X Crazyfast soccer boots with regard to appearance is Three Stripes. The name is ” Dynamic Double Branding” Each stripe is different in length, giving them an entirely new design.

The upper of Adidas X Crazyfast comes with the brand new Adidas logo as well as the brand-updated Crazyfast logo.

For the Crazyrush release version, Adidas opt for a contemporary design. Adidas uses a white top with logos in black and striking graphic elements in high-visibility yellow.

Officially the colors of the “Crazyrush” New Season Adidas X Crazyfast football boot launch are White/Black/Lucid Lemon. The colorway is the same that was used for The New Season Copa and Predators.

Adidas X Crazyfast.1 LL Prototype

Adidas X Crazyfast – Tech
The brand-new Adidas X Speedflow+ features Aeropacity Speedskin, Aerocage, and Aeroplate. The goal is to provide more lockdown and increased speed, while also reducing weight, without sacrificing touch.

Aeropacity Speedskin

  • Single layer mono mesh surrounded by strategically put in two layers of low opacity TPU film to provide stability and ease of use
  • With the second-skin-like feel and the lightweight style


  • Engineered lining skeleton to provide optimal support and stability
  • Cutouts are considered for greater fit and lighter performance


  • New tooling inlay that is lightweight
  • Aerodynamic design that combines speed and ease of use
  • Weight reduction in comparison to. the X22 (-5g)
  • Tested for performance and validated
  • The standard for sustainability has been raised (64 percent bio-based)

Dynamic Double Branding

  • Double branding fast on the forefoot.
  • Textured stripe execution that includes perforations to allow for a more luminous visual and better haptic performance and a smoother experience

Adidas X Crazyfast – Name & Logo
The latest generation of Adidas Soccer X cleats is dubbed Adidas X Crazyfast. It’s a perfect name for a shoe designed to be lightweight and speedy.
The logo for Adidas the brand’s new X Crazyfast boots is as you’d think. It features the font of speed. It is yet to be determined whether we’ll see that Crazyfast brand logo on the outside part of the Adidas X Crazyfast. It’s likely to be on the inside of the shoe only.

Adidas X Crazyfast – Versions

Adidas once again launch a laces-free (Adidas Crazyfast.1 LL) and laceless (Adidas Crazyfast.1 LL) and a laces (Adidas X Crazyfast.1) variation – the version with no lace is now referred to as “.1 LL” instead of “+”. The + has been eliminated completely. There could be an extra lightweight version of the laces that is available.

Adidas X Crazyfast – Features

The successor to the Adidas X SpeedportalLaceless (LL – New Name) and Laces (.1) variations released for the 2023-24 season.Aeropacity Speedskin Monomesh single layer with purposefully placed two layers of low opacity TPU film to ensure stability and ease of useAerocage Liner skeleton designed by engineers to provide optimal support and stability. cutouts for better fit and light performanceAeroplate A new, lightweight inlay for toolingWeight reduction as compared to. the X22 (-5g)Standard for sustainability has been raised (64 percent bio-based)Dynamic Double branding: Fast double branding on the forefoot, textured stripe execution, a lighter appearance, and better performance and haptic. Price: 270 USD (around EUR 240, GBP 200)Date of release: Tuesday, 4 July 2023The brand new Adidas Crazyfast.1 boot is available now. Crazyfast.1 boots will be available on Tuesday, July 4, 2023. The price is $ 270 USD (around EUR 240, GBP 200).

Are you a fan of the latest Adidas X Crazyfast soccer boots? Tell us by leaving a comment below as well as take a look at the Boot Calendar for more Adidas boots.

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