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Brazil Wear Black Kit For the First Time in History

Updating: Confirming the reports, Brazil was donning an all-black outfit in the very first match against Guinea in a sign of their resistance to racism. Vinicius who has sadly been the victim of a slew of racism, donned the famous number 10 shirt that is considered to be the country’s most renowned and iconic jersey.

Brazil Wears Black Goalkeeper Kit In a Statement Against Racism

Special Brazil Anti-Racism Badge

Brazil Return to Yellow Kit for Second Half

In the second half, Brazil changed to their traditional yellow kit for home games.

Original Article 11 June 2023 Brazil to Wear Black Kit in Statement Against Racism

In a strong statement against racism In a powerful statement against racism, it has been announced that the Brazilian nation’s team is set to be playing the first half of their friendly game with Guinea in Barcelona, Spain, wearing black jerseys. This information was leaked by a Brazilian news agency UOL. The decision is in favor of Vinicius Jr. who has had to deal with racist incidents in a variety of games such as a recent incident in Real Madrid’s loss to Valencia.

Brazil to play with Black Against Guinea in Anti-Racism Action and in Support of Vinicius Jr.
The black jerseys that will be worn by players will be the same jersey used by goalkeepers and were unveiled in the past by Nike to be worn by the players at 2022’s World Cup. The uniform change will be used for the first 45 minutes and after that, the team will be wearing their yellow jerseys. The reason for this change is to establish a clear position against the issue of racism in the game.

Following the game after the match, the match, Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) will be sending the jerseys to politicians and sports authorities, such as those who are presidents from FIFA, UEFA, and CONMEBOL and CONMEBOL, as well as Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the Minister for Racial Equality Aniele Franco.

Brazil Pe-Match Jersey can be worn during the course of a match to increase awareness of the need to protect the Amazon

The jersey will be signed by players and sold, with proceeds going to institutions that are working to fight racism. Another jersey will be on display on display at the CBF museum in Rio de Janeiro.

This initiative is part of CBF’s larger support of societal causes. There is also a plan for the CBF team to participate in the game in the green color in Manaus to promote the protection of the Amazon but the specifics of this game have not yet been established.
The year 2013 saw Brazil had also unveiled a black jersey, but it was never used as Brazil’s Brazilian national team’s regulations didn’t allow the team to wear any other color other than the traditional blue home and yellow away.

Brazil Black Football Kit – KEY FACTS:

  • Brazil’s national team will wear black jerseys during the first part of their friendly game against Guinea.
  • The black jerseys are the exact version used by goalkeepers at the 2022 World Cup.
  • The move is in the name of Vinicius Junior. and aims to tackle the issue of racism in the game of football.
  • The CBF will also play a match in green to increase awareness of the conservation of the Amazon.

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