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Crucial Error: Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit Features Just 32 of 38 Games From Invincible Season

An unintentional and crucial mistake has been found within the Adidas Arsenal 23-24 home kit by Arsenal supporters @arstaoly and then confirmed via the @ArsenalShirt and other supporters.


The news came to light as awed fans noticed it was evident that the shirt’s tape had only 32 wins/draws (wins/draws) that were short of the full list of 38 games in the legendary Invincible season. The lack of games has caused some to question whether the error was made by Adidas or the manufacturer of the kit or a deliberate choice by Arsenal.

There is no mistake in the size of the shirt as there are dots to separate the two parts of the design.

The difference is evident when you consider the last four games played during the season, which included a draw in the games against Portsmouth as well as Birmingham. Additionally, two wins from the team’s winning streak of nine games (games 21-30) are also absent. The missing results are portrayed by missing letters, which should have been displayed in the video.

Arsenal Fans have shared their frustration and anger, revealing their own experiences of improper the way they taped their shirt. One fan observed that the shirt’s design displays “WWWWDD” in place of the correct “WWWWWWDD,” indicating that the information is incorrect. This difference is significant because it is listed on their official site as a representation of the Invincible season, unbeaten from 2003 to 2004 that included 12 draws and 26 wins.

It is yet to be determined what happens next. Arsenal and Adidas will tackle this issue and provide a reason or resolution to supporters who would like to see an accurate depiction of the Invincible season on their shirts.

Do you believe the causes are behind this error? Tell us your thoughts via the comment section below. Which do you consider the causes behind this error? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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