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Leaked: Never-Seen-Before Nike Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Prototype

In a fascinating report by our reader Rodrigo, Nike have apparently changed FC Barcelona’s new 2023-24 kit for their home. The model can be seen in the hands of Sergi Roberto on a short video that he recorded in collaboration with the club.

FC Barcelona 2023-24 Home Kit Prototype Shown Off By Sergi Roberto

This Nike FC Barcelona 2023-24 home kit prototype sports the Catalan flag on the collar on the back. But, it was taken out of the final kit. Instead, the design has a tiny heat-printed Catalan flag label, which is the same one that was used in earlier kits.

We’re pretty sure Sergi Roberto is wearing a prototype from the beginning. Given the deep bond between this club, and Catalonia It is possible that the club purposely gifted Sergi Roberto with the outfit as a gift.

It was not unusual for Nike to create a unique way of incorporating the Catalan flag inside the collar of the Barcelona kit. They did it for 2013-14 and 2015-16, 2019, 2019-20 and 2020-21 for instance.

The decision will cause some controversy among fans, most of who would certainly prefer the unique fusion of this flag into the Catalan flag. The exact reasons for the change are not known which leaves fans curious and dissatisfied.

The concept Nike Barca 2023-2024 football shirt isn’t available for purchase, so it is not logical.

Would you rather have the huge Catalan rear collar? Tell us in the comments below.


It is believed it is possible that the Nike Barcelona 23-24 home kit was changed in a significant way.

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