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Full Unboxing Video: Manchester United 23-24 Away Kit Leaked

Version 1.0: An unboxing of the Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 away kit is posted via Football Jerseys – Vietnam Zone. It’s the first to display the original version of the jersey. It is the “Heat. Rdy Player Version” that comes without a sponsor that is plastered and instead, there’s a free space where the TeamViewer-only logo will be displayed.

Manchester United 2023-2024 Authentic Away Kit Unboxing

New version: We have created an image to show how the updated Premier League font with Rashford Number. 10 will appear like on the Manchester United 23-24 away kit. In addition, five brand-fresh images showing the replica of the Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 away kit have been released through Bomb Shop, the Manchester United fan shop Bomb Shop. They showcase the replica version of the jersey, which has an embossed Adidas brand logo as well as the club’s emblem along with “plastered” sponsorships.

Manchester United 23-24 Away Kit and Rashford Mock-up

Manchester United 23-24 Away Kit 5 New Pictures

New version: We get a more detailed look at the forthcoming Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 away kit. The logos of sponsors are displayed on the shirts via an enclosure, which some dislike ( this is likely because of the uncertainty around TeamViewer). TeamViewer agreement). We would like to thank Mr.Jersey along with the @jerseyreview Twitter account for the images.
The sponsorships are being displayed on the kit as it is most likely due to the uncertainty surrounding the takeover and the TeamViewer deal.


This image shows the brand new Adidas Manchester United FC football away shirt that will be available for 23-24.

The Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 away shirt is a unique combination of colors that is unique to the team. It has a dark green color, with maroon and white. Officially it is the official Adidas Manchester United away shirt’s colors are “Green Night/Core White/Active maroon”.

What makes the shirt stand out is the thick vertical stripes of light and dark green with red stripes that are smaller in between.

The brand new TeamViewer logo is displayed in the middle of the Manchester United 2023-2024 away kit similar to the third and home kits.

The Adidas Man United 2023-2024 away shirt will be available from Monday the 27th of June 2023, in the third and home kits. The news was posted by @utdscope.

The black shorts and hooped socks are similar to that shirt and make up the Manchester United 2023-2024 away kit.

Would you be happy with Manchester United’s 2023-2024 away kit? Send us a message below and take a look at the 23-24 kit Overview for leaks of the 23-24 jersey.

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