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Incredible ‘Double Gold’ Next-Gen Tiempo 10 Special-Edition Boots Leaked

Nike will unveil a special edition of gold in the upcoming Nike Tiempo Legend 10 football boots. The initial images for the new Gold Nike Tiempo 10 SE boots are being posted via @cornermanuk and they’re much more impressive than what we had hoped for.


The limited-edition Nike Tiempo Legend 10 boots come in a striking and distinctive colorway. They combine two distinct hues of metallic gold along with white and black as well as red to match the Tiempo brand. Officially the colorway is Metallic Gold Silk/Metallic gold Coin/Black.

What’s most distinctive is the sole plate made of metal which changes from a black shimmer to a glittering gold.

In terms of technology looking at technology, the Nike Double Gold Tiempo Legend X boots look identical to the first edition of the first free leather Tiempo soccer shoes.

Nike Tiempo 10 ‘Double Gold SE’ – Features

  • There is no leather kangaroo
  • Nike-exclusive, exclusive synthetic upper “that offers superior performance option than K-leather”
  • More sleek, lighter, and more modern than any other Tiempo until now.
  • The lines that are molded into cleats can replace the thick foam pads
  • Microdots increase the number of areas of contact
  • Outsole with studs of different shapes
  • The ankle is covered with a Flyknit.
  • Price: USD 250 (around EUR 250, GBP 220)
  • Colorway Metallic Gold Silk/Metallic Gold Coin/Black
  • The release date is September 2023

Nike’s brand new SE Gold Tiempo 10 cleats are expected to be on sale from September through November 2023. The price will be about USD 250 (around EUR 250, GBP 220).

Do you have a view about what you think of the Nike ‘Double Gold’ Tiempo Legend X soccer boots? Tell us via the comment section below and take a look at the Boot Calendar for all upcoming and recently released Nike shoes.

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