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BREAKING: Atlético Madrid to Return to Old Logo

In a major development in the history of Atletico Madrid, the club has announced that they will go back to their old logo after a consultation that is not binding with their supporters.


A total of 61,021 members took part in the discussion, which is 44 percent of the club’s membership. The issue that was posed to participants was if the club could look into the possibility of changing to the shield of the past.

Atletico Madrid’s CEO has pledged to make the change happen quickly. But he also acknowledged the necessity of respecting the current licensing and sponsorship agreements.

It is expected that the Atletico Madrid 2023-2024 kits will remain, of course, with that “new” logo. Footy Headlines highly anticipate that the Atletico Madrid 2024-2025 kits to be the first ones to feature an “old” new logo.

The meeting, though not designed as an election, was viewed as a victory for Atletico Madrid fans who championed returning to the shield worn in the history of the club from 1947 to 2016. Legends, players, and even coach Diego Simeone actively supported the initiative via social media, showing their admiration for the former emblem.

The decision to ask for feedback from members on the crest represents the shift in Atletico’s strategy, acknowledging that it is important to consider the preferences and sentiments of their members. While the club is Sociedad Anonima deportiva, which does not have any formal structure for membership, however, they have acknowledged the importance of interacting with its supporters over the last few years.

Do you enjoy the Atletico Madrid return to the old logo? Tell us in the comments below.

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