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Reunited Again: FC Midtjylland Joins Puma + Pre-Season Kit Released

FC Midtjylland will partner with Puma for a five-year gear sponsorship beginning from the 2023-24 season. The club is the company that adorned the Danish team during the initial fifteen seasons of its existence. This is an end to Nike who has served as the club’s apparel partner for the last eight years.

The club has shared some details concerning the look for new manufacturers that we don’t get to get to see as often. They have spoken to a variety of potential partners, but the one they preferred on their list of ideal scenarios was Puma. They believe they will are partnering with a person who has been around the club, who has been away, developed, and is now back in knowing the way FC Midtjylland functions as a club.

Another significant aspect is that Puma will provide FC Midtjylland with a high priority. They’re considered to be the top team on the Nordic market, which indicates that they’re also prepared to assist them with other aspects that don’t provide unique kits. This is applicable to everything from testing, marketing, and collaboration in the development of products, as well as other types of sharing of knowledge.

The club has also said that it was their largest profit from an equipment deal ever in the period of history during the course of five years of partnership.

This move has been already teased because one of their satellite/partnership club, CD Mafra, a Portuguese team that plays in the Segunda Liga (2nd tier) signed with Puma as well, thus creating a more cohesive brand representation.


Normally, the Danish team plays training matches during the preseason using the kits from last season. Since there are no Puma uniforms from last season The German brand has created limited edition jerseys, which are also for sale to the supporters.


Despite the fact that the official kit for 2023-24 will be revealed after the start of summer The club has revealed the goalkeeper home kit.


In addition to the latest kits for preseason training games, Puma has released their full range of training apparel which the team will also be using from today.

Do you agree? What do you think of a great sporting and business partnership with FC Midtjylland? Tell us about it below.

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