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Adidas Boca Juniors Historical Kit Leaked

Adidas Boca Juniors Historical Kit Leaked

Version 1.0 Update This Boca Juniors Historical Jersey is yet to be launched officially by Adidas. But, it’s already being sold in Asia and is expected to be available globally within the next few days. The price is 100 euros.

Original Leak March 2023: Adidas will be preparing to unveil a historic football shirt in 2023 for Argentinian huges Boca Juniors and Boca Plate Then we are able to leak a forecast of Boca Juniors 2023 historical shirt. Boca Juniors 2023 historical shirt.

Boca Juniors and Boca won’t wear old jerseys during official matches. However, they could be worn for the pre-match.


The jersey features the iconic yellow stripe against a blue background.

The thing that makes the latest Adidas Boca Juniors Historical shirt be noticed is the long strung collar.

The lower left corner part of the Boca Juniors 2023 retro jersey is on the lower left side of the retro jersey is a badge featuring an Adidas Sportswear logo as well as the very first Boca Crest.

Our Leak (Slightly different)

Adidas have added the monochrome Adidas Sportswear logo on the shirt.

The Adidas CA Boca Juniors 2023 jersey costs 100 Euro.

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