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Lecce 23-24 Home, Away, Third & Fourth Kits Released

Lecce 23-24 Home, Away, Third & Fourth Kits Released

Kit news is coming that comes from Serie A as the new inside-house Lecce 2023-24 away, home 3rd and 4th shirts was released late last night.


Take a look at the in-house Lecce 23,24 home shirt right here.

The house Lecce 23-24 jersey is adorned with the club’s traditional yellow and red stripes with a navy trim around the collar and the cuffs. The upper part of the shirt, an image of fans from the club are sublimated on the stripes in red.

A few diagonal lines run through the shirt, in tonal hues. A trim in yellow and red can be found on both sides of the collar as well as the cuffs.


Take a look at the in-house Lecce 2023-2024 football away shirt here.

The inside of the Lecce 23, 24, away soccer shirt is mostly white and navy is on the upper portion of the shirt, as well as the sleeves.

Two lines of horizontal stripes of yellow and red are visible across the chest’s top The club collars as well as on the collar and cuffs.


This is the brand new official Lecce Third football kit that is for 23-24.

The house Lecce 2023-2024 football shirt is red with diverse shades blended in with an effect of gradient. The collar and cuffs of the v-neck are both yellow.

A Italian tricolour has been subtly placed onto the right-hand side of the upper torso.


The shirt is Lecce 4th shirt for 2023-2024, designed by the company’s in-house designers.

The house Lecce 2023-2024 fourth t-shirt is a redesigned version of the fourth jersey, the official Lecce 4023-24 fourth-year jersey. The gradients on the shirt are gone and the tricolour has been removed.

The shirt is instead the sublimated image of legendary club players Michele Lo Russo and Ciro Pezzella. Both were killed from a collision in 1983. The inside-the-house Lecce 23-24 fourth-football shirt is being worn to commemorate this year’s 40th anniversary since their death during December.

Do you like the new Lecce home or away third fourth-shirts? Let us know below.

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