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Venezia 23-24 Away Kit Released

Venezia 23-24 Away Kit Released

FC Venezia’s brand new 2023-24 away jersey is out today. The jersey is manufactured by Kappa and will be used for the following Serie B season.


Check out Kappa’s Venezia 2023-24 Away jersey below.

This Kappa FC Venezia 2023-24 Away shirt features similar elements to the away shirt of last year. The base is white with gold logos, orange cuffs, and a collar that is green/orange wearing a polo design.

The principal element that makes up this Kappa Venezia 2023-24 Away shirts is a stripe similar to the jersey worn by home players. The difference is that this one’s an horizontal design, and features Venezia’s colours that include orange and green.

The design is inspired by vintage 1990s Jerseys and it’s an ode to the Venetian Lifestyle

The Kappa Venezia 2023-24 Away shirt cost you 100 Euros.

Produced by Kappa. What do you think of FC Venezia’s away kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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