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Vitória SC 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Vitória SC 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

The brand new Vitoria SC Home Third, Away and Home jerseys have been released late the night before. The jerseys are designed by Macron and will be used during the 2023-24 Primeira Liga.


Find Macron’s Vitoria SC 2023-24 home football shirt here. The shirt is Macron Vitoria SC 2023-2024 Home football shirt It is mostly white, with an embroidered polo neck and three buttons in black. A black line is woven into the sleeve cuffs of the shirts. It is distinguished by embossed design that has images that represent the three reasons Vitoria SC has chosen to embrace the current season:

  • environment preservation
  • Gender and racial inequality
  • the identity of culture in Gumaraese as a town. Guimaraes

To give background, Guimaraes is the birthplace of Portugal The historical centre of which was declared to be a World Heritage site by Unesco.

The white socks and black shorts complete the look of the brand new Vitoria SC 23-24 kit for home from Macron.


Take a look at Macron’s Vitoria SC 23-24 Away soccer shirt in the gallery below. The Macron Vitoria SC 2023-2024 Away jersey It is Total black color The shirt is an oversized crew neck that has and grey accents. Its main feature is on embossed graphics that depict the map of Guimaraes. of Guimaraes.

The neck’s back on the Macron Vitoria SC 2023-2024 Away football shirt has been covered with a logo containing the reasons mentioned previously.

Macron Combines with the Vitoria SC 23-24 away jersey, white shorts in black and white socks.


The latest Macron Vitoria SC Third jersey to be worn between 23 and 24.

The Macron Vitoria SC 23-24 Third football shirt is bright, yellow with a V-neck, the cuffs of sleeves are decorated in black.

The away shirt is the same as the sleeves and front feature an embossed design with the armor design is comprised of the letter V from Vitoria SC. The color of this Macron Vitoria SC 2023-24 Third jersey is to symbolize the fiery fire of past, with honour, blood and courage.

The orange socks and shorts finish off the style of the latest Vitoria SC 2023-2024 third uniform designed by Macron.

Also, you can see in the picture below, the kits for Goalkeepers of Vitoria SC in the 2023-24 season.

Are you a fan of Do you love the Vitoria SC Home Away and Third jerseys made by Macron? Leave a comment below.

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