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Sandhausen 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Sandhausen 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

The brand new SV Sandhausen home, away and third kits were unveiled in the last few days. The kits are manufactured from Macron and will be used during the season 2023-23 3. Liga.


It’s the Sandhausen 2023-2024 Home shirt designed by Macron.

The Macron Sandhausen 2023-2024 home jersey is a design with stripes in black and white along with delicate diagonal lines that are placed on top of the stripes. Unfortunately, the pattern doesn’t continue to the back that is a solid white nevertheless, it protects the sleeves.

Macron combine his SV Sandhausen 23-24 home shirt with white socks and shorts.


It’s the brand all-new Macron Sandhausen away shirt for 2023-2024.

The Macron SV Sandhausen 2023-24 away shirt is mostly black and has an image of a map that shows Sandhausen across the entire kit. Grey is featured for the logos, collars and the sleeve’s ends.

Socks and black shorts round off the style of the latest Sandhausen 23, 24, and away outfit from Macron.


See Macron’s Sandhausen 2023-24 third jersey in the gallery below.

Replicated from last season’s and redesigned, the Macron SV Sandhausen 23-24 third shirt has been fashioned after it’s Tureis kit for team wear. An zig-zag pattern is featured on the whole kit. The color has a predominant green color with white highlights.

Socks and green shorts complete the latest Macron SV Sandhausen 2023-2024 third strip.

The Macron Sandhausen 23-24 home, away, and third football shirt retails for EUR82.

Are you a fan of the Sandhausen home shirt, away or third designed by Macron? Leave a comment below.

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