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Paris FC 23-24 Away Kit Released

Paris FC 23-24 Away Kit Released

Paris FC’s brand new 23-24 away shirts were launched this morning. The shirt was designed by Adidas and will debut during the upcoming Ligue 2 season.


Have a look at Adidas’ Paris FC 2023-2024 away shirt below.

The Adidas Paris FC 2023-2024 away football shirt is a tribute to the team’s away Adidas Paris FC 2023-24 away shirt in the 80s. It has the sky blue sash running through the back. The color of the base is white while all logo designs are black.

The Latin motto of Paris, the capital city. Paris is displayed on the back of the neck, in black “fluctuat nec mergeitur” (“he/she is shaken by waves, but doesn’t sink”).

This Adidas Paris FC away football shirt features a V neck collar with black Adidas stripes that extend just over the shoulders. The full-color crest is located to the right on the left side of your chest.

It was designed by Adidas. What are your thoughts on the Paris FC’s away shirt?

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