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12 New Pictures: Tottenham 23-24 Away Kit Leaked

12 New Pictures: Tottenham 23-24 Away Kit Leaked

Version 1.0: We can leak 12 new images from the Tottenham 2023-2024 away kit. It’s the replica kit. Logos on the replica aren’t the same luminous as the genuine kit.

Version 1.0: We can leak three more launch images for the Tottenham 2023-2024 away kit brand new Nike Spurs 23-24 away kit will be available shortly after the official launch.

Version 1.0 Update A first photo of the original “Player Issue” version of Tottenham Hotspur’s away 2023/24 kit is leaked (big due to PFJ) The kit features the stunning iridescent logo that is the same as the version that is copied. But, at present, there’s not a complete image available for this “Player Issue” version of the kit.

Tottenham 2023-2024 Home Kit Replica vs Authentic The same Logos

Version 1.0 Update This Tottenham 23-24 kit for away games is being offered for auction by Spurs fans @DybalxrJR. This is the most comprehensive glimpse of the kit that stands out which combines traditional (collar) and modern (iridescent branding).

Tottenham 23-24 AWAY KIT

See Nike’s Tottenham 2023-2024 home jersey here.

The Nike Tottenham Hotspur FC 23-24 away shirt is the first time in the history of the club with the iridescent logo. The iridescent logos are not new in Nike kits. They’ve been utilized for England’s Euro 2022 women’s kit as well as the Barcelona Away football jersey 21-22.

Regarding the color scheme The Nike Tottenham away 2023-24 kit has dark navy as well as lighter purple (“Marine” as well as “Purple”) and is paired by Hologram (iridescent) to create the logo.

The classic Polo collar is utilized by Nike for their Tottenham Hotspur FC 2023-24 away jersey.

Under the collar, on the back of the collar, is a unique THFC symbol.

The Nike Spurs 23-24 away football shirt will be on sale from July 2023.

Do you enjoy Tottenham Hotspur’s away strip with. Iridescent logos as well as an Polo collar? Leave a comment here.

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