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Watford 23-24 Third Kit Released

Watford 23-24 Third Kit Released


Take a look at Kelme’s Watford 2023-24 third shirt here.

This Kelme Watford 23-24 Third Shirt is a unique design that was created by Kelme. It is made of a turquoise blue shirt with white shorts and socks.

This is the first occasion the Hornets will be wearing this shade in their outfield kits. The same color away shirts was worn during the 1993-94 centenary season.

The Kelme Watford Football Club 2023-24 third soccer shirt features an white V on the neckline. It also has sublimated prints on the front of the shirt, and highlights of black in the sleeves, ribs, as well as the under-arm.

Watford 23-24th Third Kit – – Sponsorless Version

An alternative without the principal sponsor is now available in women’s, men’s and Children’s sizes.

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Watford 23-24 Kits

Produced by Kelme. Which do you think of Watford’s 3rd shirt? Let us know in the comments below. look through this 23-24 kit overview to find further 2023-2024 kit leaks as well as announcements.

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