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10 Best & Worst 23-24 Bundesliga Kits

10 Best & Worst 23-24 Bundesliga Kits

The 23-24 Bundesliga season is not set to start until three weeks. The majority of teams have unveiled their 2023-2024 kit. Here’s a look at the best 10 and most shabby Bundesliga kits from the season 23-24, together with Football Kit Archive.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen Away kit ranks first, with the heaviest 4.1 rating (268 votes). Mainz’s Away kit comes in just millimeters away. Its Bayern Munchen Oktoberfest kit came 3rd, scoring 4.0 out of (539 vote total).

However, SV Darmstadt 98 Third was named the worst team scoring just 2.0 (97 votes). The much-maligned BVB 23-24 team kit scores an average score of 2.8 (1,352 votes) which makes it the 10th-worst kit of this 23-24 Bundesliga season.

Take a look at some classic Bundesliga kits at Football Kit Archive

Best & Worst Bundesliga 23-24 Kits

  • Bayer 04 Leverkusen Away kit The kit was chosen as the most popular by the fans with 4.1 (268 votes).
  • Darmstadt Third kit voted the lowest by the public with 2.0 (97 votes).
  • The public has voted on the Football Kit Archive website.

What’s the most effective and the worst Bundesliga 23-24 football uniform? Let us know below.

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