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All Adidas 23-24 Elite Team Third Kits + Launch Dates Leaked

All Adidas 23-24 Elite Team Third Kits + Launch Dates Leaked

Changes: Out of great delight, Arsenal has postponed the 2023-2024 launch of the third jersey set for the 1st of August 2023. This would be an excellent decision for Adidas to announce the new uniforms at the same time and have a more streamlined traditional method of release.
Apart from the normal third kits Adidas will release the “Lifestyler” model of every kit.

Adidas 23-24 Lifestyler Third Shirts

First images of Real Madrid’s new 2023-2024 third kit being released, we have now had a the chance to look over all of Adidas the 2023-2024 third kits.

Adidas has five top soccer teams in the pipeline for the season 23-24 – Arsenal, Bayern, Madrid, Juventus & Manchester United. The kits of teams that are not elite Roma and Ajax were also released.The Adidas 2023-2024 Elite Third Kits launch from 1 August 2023 through 16 August 2023.


The Adidas 2023-2024 Elite Team third jerseys have design templates and patterns intended to be timeless. Three of the three kits, Juventus, Real Madrid as well as Arsenal are outfitted with a smaller collar made of polo with buttons. The three kits feature the teams’ names in the neck.

In addition, there could be different versions of every third kit, but possibly with no the main sponsor.

Real Madrid 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas Real 2023-2024 third jersey has a black-based base with golden yellow as a second colour.

Arsenal 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas Arsenal 2023-2024 third football shirt is a tribute to the Navy-blue and blue 1981-1983 home kit.

Bayern Munchen 23-24 Third Kit

What makes this Bayern Munchen 23-24 third shirt distinguish itself is the logo.

Manchester United 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 third jersey is mostly off-white and has red highlights.

Juventus 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas Juventus FC 2023-2024 third shirt is a stealthy design with grey, black and white. The Jeep logo and Adidas logo both are grey and the Juventus logo is white.

AS Roma 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas AS Roma 2023-24 third jersey is predominantly black and the most notable features are the crest as well as the tricolor designs.

Ajax 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas Ajax 2023-24 third jersey is completely different in comparison to last year’s Sand-colored Daily Paper Kit.

Are you a fan of do you like the Adidas 2023-2024 Third Kits? Please let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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