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Benfica 23-24 Third Kit Released

Benfica 23-24 Third Kit Released

Adidas as well as SL Benfica have unveiled the third jersey for the 2023-24 soccer season. representing the unity of fans across the world. The release is an extension of their concept “A Love without boundaries.”


The third jersey of the Adidas Benfica 3rd jersey from 23-24.

The Adidas Benfica 23-24 third shirt features a classic white style adorned by three distinctive red stripes across the shoulder.

The sides and the hem of the Adidas SL Benfica 23-24 third football shirt are decorated with details with five distinct colors highlighting the diversity. The blocks’ arrangement differs in each shirt.

Adidas Benfica 2023-24 third soccer shirt is on sale since August 4, and is priced at EUR100.

Created by Adidas. Are you a huge fan of Benfica’s shirt number three? Leave a comment below.

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