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Liverpool 24-25 Home & Away Kits Colors Leaked

Liverpool 24-25 Home & Away Kits Colors Leaked

Update: The precise hues for the Nike Liverpool 2024-25 Home and away shirts were revealed by LFC sources for the kit @FumlerRawk Also, they accurately revealed the 23-24 kits colors a few weeks ahead of the release. In addition, the originally anticipated Liverpool 23-25 colors for the third kit might be different than what was originally announced.


See the colours on Nike’s Liverpool 2024-2025 team shirt in the gallery below.

The Nike Liverpool 2024-25 home shirt comprises in Gym Red, White, and Chrome Yellow.
The most recent time Liverpool used this colour design at home was when they signed the new Balance during the 2019-20 season.

The red shorts and socks will be the final touches to the latest Nike Liverpool FC 2024-25 home uniform.


The image shows the color that are used in this shirt. Liverpool 24-25 away shirt designed by Nike.

The Nike Liverpool FC 24-25 away shirt features a unique colour scheme. Night Forest is combined with Anthracite and Washed Teal. Sail.

Regarding the style it is expected that it is expected that the Nike Liverpool 23-24 away kit will be able to feature the design.The hue evokes images of the team’s new Balance 19-20 third jersey and Adidas eleven-12 kit.


These are the colors that have been rumored for this Liverpool FC 2024-2025 third shirt that was designed by Nike.

The Nike Liverpool 24-25 third jersey is a greenish blue principal color. It is also adorned with white and black. It’s a color similar that the 20-21 away kit but it’s much more green.

Do you anticipate Liverpool’s 2024-2025 new home or away stripes? Leave a comment below.

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