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Arsenal Still Wear Wrong 23-24 Home Kit

Arsenal Still Wear Wrong 23-24 Home KitArsenal Still Wear Wrong 23-24 Home Kit

New version: The Adidas Arsenal 2023-2024 home kit is unavailable in its original version. First team players are not wearing the correct kit. They have only worn 32 players in 38 matches. This suggests that it could require a considerable amount of amount of time (certainly some weeks) to Adidas to make sure that the kit is in place. We would like to thank the @ArsenalShirt for sharing this information.

Arsenal still wears kit with Unfair Number of Games on the Side Stripe
Update: Adidas along with Arsenal have sent out emails to those who bought the under-performing 23-24 home kit to acknowledge the flaw in the design of the jersey. The message has been circulated via Sun Sport .

Updating: Adidas are shut down the sales of their Arsenal 23-24 kit the original version due to the absence of six games from the Invincible Season as shown on the back panel. Both Adidas as well as Arsenal have taken the original jersey from the market and they have made it no longer sold through retailers. But, there’s an official statement made public as of yet.

Only 32 of the 28 Invincible Season Games: Arsenal 23-24 authentic Home Kit taken off Adidas Website and “Sold Out” on the Arsenal Website

If you try to access the Arsenal 23-24 genuine home kit from Adidas Official Website using cached links to the kit however, it will redirect you into the Adidas Jersey subpage instead of the actual kit.

The 19th June of 2023 is Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit, which includes just 32 out of 38 Games from Invincible Season

An extremely important, unintentional mistake has been found in the Adidas Arsenal 23-24 home kit by Arsenal fan @arstaoly Then, it was confirmed later confirmed @ArsenalShirt as well as other fanatics.


The information was made public after a few fans became aware that the jersey’s tape had only 32 points of W/D (wins/draws) that was short of the total number of 38 games played during the legendary Invincible season. The lack of games has led to the question of whether this was an error of Adidas or the manufacturer of the shirt or an intentional choice made by Arsenal.

There is nothing wrong in the size of the shirt. Moreover, there are dots to are separated from the sequence.

The difference is apparent in the absence of the final four matches that the team has played, including draw in the games against Portsmouth as well as Birmingham. In addition, two wins during the nine-game winning streak (games 21-29) are not included. This is represented in the form of six letters missing that ought to have been included on the video.

Arsenal supporters have shared their displeasure and anger and displeasure, informing their fellow Arsenal supporters with incorrectly taped shirt. A person complained that their shirt has “WWWWDD” rather than the actual “WWWWWWDD,” indicating that this is not correct. This is particularly important since the kit is described by the official site as a representation of the undefeated 2003-2004 Invincible year, which included 26 wins as well as 12 draws.

There is a good chance that ADIDAS will fix the kit

It is yet to be determined what happens next. Arsenal or Adidas decide to tackle this issue with a clarification or resolution to supporters looking for an accurate depiction of the Invincible season printed on their T-shirts.

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What do you think the possible causes could be for this mistake?

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