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Leeds United 23-24 Third Kit Revealed

Leeds United 23-24 Third Kit Revealed

New version: The Adidas Leeds United 2023-2024 third kit is accessible for purchase at a price of 65 pounds.

In the wake of leaks, Leeds United FC’s third jersey for 2023-2024 was announced this morning. The jersey is manufactured by Adidas for use at the Championship The jersey is available for purchase starting on Wednesday, 9 August 2023.

The latest Leeds United 23-24 third kit honors the team’s heritage as well as Yorkshire. The distinctive third kit was developed by Acid FC in conjunction and with Acid FC and encourages fans to share their enthusiasm for the team.


The latest Adidas Leeds third shirt for 2023-24.

The Adidas Leeds 23-24 third jersey has a unique pattern and colorway. Black is the color used to create Adidas branding in addition to the collar, and on the sides.

Leeds The club’s crest has been modified to look like the original design and is available in black and light yellow.

Over the three years they have been together with Adidas up to now, Leeds have always received only one unique graphic design per season. This pattern is likely to be continuing.

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