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Gold Bari 23-24 Third Kit Released

Gold Bari 23-24 Third Kit Released


The jersey is Bari 2023-2024 3rd jersey created by Kappa.

The Kappa Bari 2023-2024 third shirt is a combination of luxurious black and white. The patterns of the shirt have been an inspiration from classic sports jerseys of the 90s.

Sleeves are made of black. the collar and sleeves the cuffs are red and white along with black stripes running down to the center in the same color of the logo.

The designs on the Kappa S.S.C. Bari the 23-24 Third shirt like the designs from the Manchester United away shirt from the 92-93 seasons designed by Adidas.

The Kappa Bari 2023-2024 third shirt retails at EUR 79.

Made by Kappa. What do you think of the Societa Sportiva Calcio bar’s third jersey?

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