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Outstanding Marseille 23-24 Third Kit Revealed

Outstanding Marseille 23-24 Third Kit Revealed

Ligue 1 club Olympique Marseille Olympique Marseille presented their latest Puma third-shirt on the night. The brand new Puma Marseille 2023-24 third t-shirt showcases a striking style.

Puma has launched an original campaign that unveiled the new Olympique Marseille 2023-2024 3rd uniform, focusing on”the “VOLCANIC PEOPLE” through the characters of city residents. An ensemble of about fifty content creators, artists comedians, local actors and comedians were wearing the uniform to symbolize the Olympian crowd in the Orange Velodrome.


Take a look at Puma’s Marseille 2023-2024 3rd shirt here.

The Puma Marseille 23-24 third jersey is strikingly designed with orange and black as well as white logos.

What makes this Puma Marseille 2023-2024 3rd design stand out? It’s its striking flame-inspired camo style which is influenced by the motto “Peuple Volcanique” (Volcanic People).

The design echoes the fiery love that people from Marseilles are able to feel towards their team. The wording “PEUPLE VOLCANIQUE” is also located on the back of the collar.

Although it isn’t specifically mentioned, we believe this design may have been influenced from the (illegal) Bengalos.

This Puma Marseille 2030-24 shirt is the very first Marseille shirt to sport orange in the past since the 2019-20 season.

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This Puma Marseille 2023-24 3rd shirt will be available starting on September 1, 2023.

Made by Puma. Would you be a fan of the third jersey?

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