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Black & Gold Napoli 23-24 Third Kit Revealed

Black & Gold Napoli 23-24 Third Kit Revealed

Update: “On my skin.

In confirming the leak, Napoli revealed their upcoming 2023-2024 third-kit with videos that show how to tattoo. The brand new Napoli 23-24 third kits, featuring an Maori tattoo, is scheduled to launch on September 2, 2023.


Take a look at EA7’s Napoli 2023-24 football shirt here.

The EA7 SSC Napoli 23-24 third football shirt features a stylish shade of football jerseys.

What distinguishes this EA7 Napoli 2023-24 third football shirt different is the unique pattern that is on the sleeves and the top left. The design is influenced to Maori tattoos.

Napoli 23-24 Training Napoli 23-24 Training Shirts

The EA7 Napoli 2023-2024 3rd training T-shirts are very similar in Maori tattoo designs as those of the 3rd kit.

Look at some classic SSC Napoli kits on Football Kit Archive

It is the EA7 Napoli 2023-24 3rd shirt will be available from Sunday, September 2nd 2023.

Produced by EA7. What are your thoughts on Napoli’s 3rd kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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