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Black, White & Pink: Fulham 23-24 Third Kit Released

Black, White & Pink: Fulham 23-24 Third Kit Released

The brand new Fulham third jersey has been released this morning. The jersey is manufactured by Adidas and will be worn at first on Saturday during the time that Fulham take on Manchester City.


Take a look at Adidas’ Fulham 23-24 third football shirt in the video below.

The Adidas Fulham FC 23-24 third shirt features a trendy shade. It’s black and has lighter pink the piping.

The Adidas Fulham 23-24 third-skin jersey features a geometric style. The pattern is not exclusive but it is already being utilized by other smaller Adidas teams in the 2023-2024 seasons.
The black shorts and socks are part of socks and black shorts complete Fulham 23-24 Third Kit. Pink versions can be found.

Starting on September 1, on the Adidas Fulham Football 23-24 3rd jersey costs 80 GBP.

Take a look at the complete collection of Fulham kit designs on Football Kit Archive

Fulham 23-24 Kits

Created by Adidas. Are you a fan of the third Fulham FC shirt? Let us know below.

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