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“Invisible” Logos: Celtic “120 Years of Hoops” Anniversary Kit Released

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Kit news for the Scottish Premiership as Adidas and Celtic have released a unique edition, limited edition kit on the market today. It commemorates the debut of hoops on the 15th of August, 1903 which was nearly exactly 120 years ago.

CELTIC 23-24 Special KIT

The new Adidas Celtic football shirt in special edition for 2023-24.

The Adidas Celtic Football Club 23-24 special-edition t-shirt takes us back to a past when football uniforms did not feature any logos from manufacturers or club logos. The iconic white and green hoops are place in the front, and are adorned featuring the Adidas logo as well as the Celtic Crest embroidered with white thread. This makes them virtually unnoticeable.

The Adidas stripes that are on the shoulders are in green, which blends in with the materials under the.
Overall The Celtic Adidas 2023 special-edition kit communicates the simple but timeless message that is ‘The Perfect Hoops.’

Adidas 2023 Celebration Kits Italy, Scotland & Celtic

The Adidas Celtic 120 Years of Hoops anniversary kit is available for purchase at the price of just 70 GBP. The kit is now available to order prior to the full launch on the 8th of September in 2023.

Created by Adidas. What are your thoughts on the Celtic Football Club’s exclusive-edition jersey in celebration of the debut of white and green hoops one hundred years ago?

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