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Adidas & Newcastle United Attack Castore

Adidas & Newcastle United Attack Castore

One Friday in September 2023 Adidas along with Newcastle United made an announcement about a kit deal. While it’s not something that’s unusual but the manner they conducted could be interpreted as a slap at Castore.


Adidas along with Newcastle United did not only cover the city in some hints at the anticipated return of Adidas as Newcastle’s kit manufacturer. There were other things that hurt Castore.

Newcastle eagerly is looking forward to the kits for the 24-25 season, while the new 23-24 kits from Castore have just been unveiled

the 24-25 kits will be coming soon. 24-25 kits are not set to go out in the next 10 months. company that makes sportswear in Liverpool Castore has signed an agreement in partnership with Newcastle United just worth PS5m annually. With Newcastle United playing in the Champions League, this is probably the best deal in Europe.

ADIDAS pay 8x as much As Castoreno’s new owners wanted to terminate the contract with Castore earlier than expected However, Castore depended on their legitimate agreement. Newcastle tried to purchase Castore’s contract but Castore was not willing to compromise.

Adidas will pay PS40m towards Newcastle United from next season that’s 8x the amount paid by Castore.

The next day, Adidas virtually confirmed the Amazon Prime leak by sharing an image of a teaser which was easily viewed as an affirmation of the agreement.


After all that vengeance of Adidas in addition to Newcastle United, Castore will certainly lose money on the sale of kits (and the club too although they don’t appear to be concerned). Newcastle United will still play in Castore kit for the next 10 months. The new Castore Newcastle 23-24 kit only released a couple of weeks in the past.

In case you’ve been in doubt, the Newcastle United’s former owner, Mike Ashley, who had signed these deals to the club. It was a surprise to those who were the newly appointed Saudi Arabian owners when they assumed control in 2022.

In the present, CASTORE TAKE ALL THE profit from the Stadium’s Club store. The goal is to get control back of the Gallowgate End location, the latest Adidas agreement also permits Newcastle United to do just this. In the moment, Castore take all the revenue from the shop.


Adidas pay Newcastle according to reports PS40m each year. Castore only PS5 each year
Castore did not allow them to purchase out of the deal agreement that was in force until May 2023.
Adidas Newcastle deal has been leaked.
Fans are able to sign up for news about 24-25 kits The launch date could be the 1st of June in 2023.
Castore likely to be losing the money it makes from kit sales since fans already know Adidas will purchase the kit

Are Adidas as well as Newcastle United seek further revenge against Castore?

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