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Amateur or Professional? Saudi Pro League’s Overcrowded Kit Sponsors

Amateur or Professional? Saudi Pro League's Overcrowded Kit Sponsors

Saudi Arabia’s goal in football is to make it an elite five football leagues in the world. However, what isn’t in line with their goal is the uniforms used by the teams they play in.


Majority of European football leagues, as well as the Champions League, allow only two or one front sponsor (Italy, France). But, the Saudi Pro League permit up to four front sponsors, which make the kit of teams appear amateur and not professional. The team’s goal to become one of the most prestigious football leagues worldwide.

Saudi Pro League – Up to 4 Front-of-Shirt Sponsors

Every major US sport leagues, such as hockey, basketball baseball, as well as the NFL restrict or permit small sponsors to be displayed on the team’s jerseys. However certain Saudi Arabian football club kits are reminiscent of Formula 1 suits.

The crowded kit may be a problem which the Saudi Pro League will address in the event that they cause teams’ appearances not as professional.

A few teams, for instance the CR7’s Al Nassr, manage to integrate their two sponsors into the uniform quite effectively which gives them a great overall appearance. However teams such as Jordan Henderson’s Al-Ettifaq perform poorly, which results in their kits looking like those of lower division teams in Austria.

According to reports, Saudi Arabia also want to participate with the UEFA Champions League. At present, they obviously, are part of the Asian Champions League. This Asian Champions League only allow teams to have a single primary sponsor. This is smaller than UEFA Champions League. The league already provides an idea of what may see from the Saudi Pro League in the near future.

Also, it is strange that a lot of Saudi Arabian teams played with no sponsors in pre-season and some even sell their kits without sponsors.

Do you believe that you think that the Saudi Pro League will reduce the amount of sponsors? Are kit sponsors who are overcrowded an indication of ineptitude on the field, or could professional teams boast up to four sponsors on their fronts? 

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