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No More Nike After 13 Years: Galatasaray to Sign Puma Kit Deal

No More Nike After 13 Years: Galatasaray to Sign Puma Kit Deal

Galatasaray One of the top soccer clubs in Turkey will make a deal for a kit with Puma as per Turkish professional Mehmet Ozcan.


The brand new Galatasaray Puma kit deal is reported to be worth EUR4.5 million each year that’s almost 36% less than their previous agreement they had with Nike in 2014.

The benefit of the current arrangement in the new agreement with Puma will be the fact that Galatasaray are not required to buy kits for more than 12 months prior. Puma have been considered as more flexible which allows the club to boost or decrease the amount of kits it orders based upon demand.

Galatasaray x Nike Kits

The latest Puma and Galatasaray agreement will run through 2024-2025’s season. Fans of Galatasaray can anticipate to see their team sporting Puma uniforms next season.

Galatasaray did not wear Puma kits during their time They have also used Adidas, Umbro, and Lotto kits before.

The latest kit offer may bring a new look for Galatasaray’s team. But, Footy Headlines strongly expect the very first Puma Galatasaray team kit at home to look traditional.

Galatasaray x Puma Football Kit Deal

Galatasaray’s present kit manufacturer is Nike. This deal will cost 7 million euros a year through June 2024.

Galatasaray are in agreement on the renewal of a deal with Puma for next season. The agreement is valued at 4.5 million euros a year.

NEW Galatasaray did not use Puma kits throughout their past. They’ve used Adidas, Umbro and Lotto kits previously.

There is no information on Puma Galatasaray 24-25 kits yet — Footy Headlines expect classic half-and-half style for the first season.

Do the new Puma kit designs be able to live up to the legendary Galatasaray logo and colors? Comment below with your feedback. remarks below.

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